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The Tea-Licious mission statement is a very simple one.

"We strive to provide a consistent high quality product at reasonable prices and treat the customers like Kings and Queens. We know that quality sells and that customers are the reason we are here. We also believe in it’s easier to hire nice people, than to teach people to be nice and we always have, and always will, guarantee your satisfaction."

Our Story
It took my husband eleven years to convince me to move from Lake Conroe, near Montgomery, Texas, to our ranch here in the Texas Hill Country. I had just completed my first year as a new eleventh grade English teacher at Montgomery High School and really didn’t want to move to the country. However, I knew that living on Lake Buchanan had been Sam’s life-long dream, (at least from the time he first hunted on Spider Mountain in 1957) so I agreed. We moved to Burnet, Texas in June of 1994.  Burnet has lots to offer - find out more about the Lakes, Hills and History...

Living on a ranch has its advantages, but there is just so much peace and quiet a person can take. After eighteen months of not being able to find another teaching job and developing a severe case of cabin fever, I decided to open a tearoom. Sam was not excited about the idea and reminded me that Burnet’s 3,400 residents probably would not be enough to support a tearoom. I must say he did not try to discourage me and asked only that I not lose too much money. After all, my goal was to meet people, make friends and have something fun to do.

Our daughter, Rachel, came up with the name Tea-Licious, "the little tearoom on Burnet’s historic square" and we opened February 14, 1996. Over one hundred customers were served our first day and the tearoom became an instant success. Within two years we expanded into a 5,000 square foot historical building up the street, which allowed us to incorporate a "giftique".  This is a gift shop so unique we had to invent a new word to describe it. At this point, the business was growing so fast Sam decided to retire from his career in medical equipment manufacturing and help me run the business. We agreed we would only do fun things and if it wasn’t fun, it was off the table.

As the tearoom grew, Sam and I became more and more involved with community organizations and events. Sam became the Chamber President in 1997 and I served on the board for two years. In an effort to promote the tearoom and the community, we organized multi-chamber mixers, fund-raiser concerts, participated in outhouse chariot races, and even organized our own Tea-Licious Social Club. This club allowed us to keep in touch with our customers by recognizing their birthdays and announcing up-coming events and tours. Yes, as a result of the social club, Tea-Licious Tours was formed. We now offer our customers at least two short trips per year. One is the "Annual Dinner & Dell Diamond"  trip and the other is a "Ladies Day Out" shopping trip which is always fun.

Tea-Licious is known for its quality food and service, artistic tables, beautiful quilts, specialty gifts, catering, day trips and of course our famous peach tea and gourmet sweet pickles. These chunky, crisp and sweet morsels are well received by our customers and shipped all over the United States.
Find out how our signiture pickles came to be: The "Tea-Licious Gourmet Sweet Pickle Story"...

After eight years I must say that I have met and exceeded all of my original goals. I found something fun to do, have made many new friends and have met thousands of wonderful people from all over the area, state and country. Sam says "working in the tearoom is like going to a party every day." There are so many wonderful people in this area, it makes living in the Texas Hill Country a dream come true. We enjoy our kids and all of the grandchildren and spend as much time with them as we can. However, I still miss my students and will probably teach again someday.

Vicki McLeod
Tea-Licious, Inc.

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Tea-Licious Social Club
Join the Tea-Licious Social Club to recieve exclusive invitations and other great benefits including a special birthday gift! No membership fee required.  Find out more...

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